Blog launch

Teddy at the blog launch party

Teddy at the blog launch party

Welcome to teddy bear life, a blog about our teddy bear family’s adventures. New stories and tips about food and life will be added regularly.

We’d love you to follow us and hope you enjoy the stories and find the tips helpful.


The beginning

DSC03027Our quiet, single-parent family life changed dramatically with the arrival of grot boy.

Teddy and I had lived and travelled together, just the two of us, for many years. We had a comfortable arrangement. Wherever we were in the world, at night Teddy would cuddle up to me in bed. During the day he’d wait patiently for me to come home from work or my occasional social outings.

Teddy had travelled the world with me for so long I’d lost count of the countries and cities he’d visited. He never complained when I packed him in my suitcase and would welcome me back to my hotel room with a friendly growl after I’d spent the day working or sightseeing.

But when grot boy joined our family things got a whole lot busier and more complicated.

The first thing I had to do was negotiate new arrangements with Teddy, like where he was going to sleep. There didn’t seem to be room in the bed for both grot boy and Teddy.

Grot boy tried to make friends with Teddy and even brought him a new friend, Buddha Bear, to keep him company. That was never going to work! Teddy’s quiet, introverted personality combined with Buddha Bear’s navel gazing “Ommm” meant they didn’t have a lot to say to each other.


After a few days, Teddy muttered “I don’t seem to be needed anymore” and retired to the chair in the corner of the bedroom. He’s stayed there in quiet contemplation ever since, except for an occasional holiday car trip. Whenever we tell him we’re ALL going on a trip he grumbles about being treated like an elderly grandparent but I know he’s pleased we haven’t forgotten him entirely.  And when we return home, he gives a little sigh of relief as he plumps back down on his comfortable chair.

We had all just started to settle into our new roles in the family when Billy burst upon the scene.