Bobby and grot boy bond

Bobby and grot boy bonded immediately. They’re bear sense told them that they were going to have a lot in common even though they didn’t yet know each other.

We had decided to get another bear as a bike riding coach for grot boy so he could keep up with me and Billy. But our first few rides together demonstrated that Bobby didn’t have the coaching gene and we soon worked out we couldn’t force our hopes and ambitions on him.

When I suggested that Bobby had failed our expectations, grot boy defended him, “He is a very good riding companion,” he said “ I can talk to him about dialectic coefficients and CNC machining and he shows a great deal of interest.”

Bobby and GB in shedBobby also loved to play in the shed with grot boy.  Whatever they were building or trying to fix, they would face all technical challenges together with a series of hums and hahs. Then they would walk around the object to view it from all angles just in case a new perspective helped them solve their problem. To my amazement, this approach seemed to work and nearly all the household appliances that have disappeared into the shed for repairs have come back in working order.

Unlike Billy, Bobby didn’t make demands of us. If he wanted something he’d utter “Bobby has a question” to gain our attention. Then he might enquire, “I was wondering whether there might be a little something to eat?” or he would suggest “A piece of chocolate would probably make us all feel better.”

As I got to know Bobby better I could see why he and grot boy got on so well. There were the obvious resemblances – like the little stomach bulge – but also deeper philosophical similarities. They both liked to hum and hah a little when faced with a challenge and proceed through life at their own leisurely pace.

Bobby might not be a great riding coach but he was a true kindred spirit for grot boy.

©, 2013



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