Bobby’s birthday

I was surprised when one day Bobby said “I like the days when grot boy’s alarm goes off best.” Bobby takes after grot boy and loves to sleep, so I didn’t expect him to be pleased about getting up early. “What’s good about those days?” I asked.

Birthday-3bearsBobby’s response puzzled me. “Because it’s my birthday,” he explained. “Really, who told you that?”

“The alarm clock,” Bobby replied. “It sings happy birthday when it goes off and grot boy said it must be because it’s my birthday.”

I’m always up long before grot boy, and hadn’t heard his alarm clock – in fact, I didn’t even know it could play different tunes. My alarm clock woke me a couple of hours earlier – with the usual brash and startling sound – I had been to the gym and had my breakfast before Bobby and grot boy got up.

But now I understood why Bobby had been asking me every day that week if I was going to make a cake for his birthday. I promised to make one on the weekend, but warned them both I wouldn’t do this every day the alarm went off, not for every birthday.

“I’ll help you make the cake,” Bobby offered, and I didn’t want to reject his attempt to assist despite suspecting his help would involve getting in my way, taste testing and licking the bowl.

The next night, Bobby and I put on our aprons and got out the cake ingredients. We stirred and tasted and chopped and mixed until we had a simple chocolate and hazelnut cake ready to put in the oven.

Oven watching_BobbyIt turned out that Bobby was also very helpful once the cake was cooked and came out of the oven. He kept a close watch on it while it cooled “just to make sure it isn’t lonely,” he told me.

When it came to the weekend, grot boy wanted to turn his alarm off so he wasn’t woken early. I overheard him and Bobby discussing this, working out how to solve their dilemma. If the alarm went off, they’d be woken early. But if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be a birthday or any birthday cake.

Finally, they came to an agreement and grot boy declared “We will set the alarm for 10am. That way we can have our cake AND sleep in too.” This sounded just like teddy bear and boy logic.

©, 2013


Bobby’s tip

Choice cakes BobbyOne big decision is much easier for a little bear than lots of small ones.

Most of us like to have choice and believe the more, the better. But when faced by too much choice we become paralysed by indecision.

Bobby says he just chooses his favourite category – dessert, chocolate or gelato – then he doesn’t mind which dessert, chocolate or gelato he gets.

I think he’s hoping he’ll get all of them!

©, 2013