Grot girl’s tip

Holidays are like magicians. Just as magicians  can turn rabbits from hopping bunnies into silk scarves, holidays can:

  • transform vegetable gardens from chores to a source of delight at the fresh produce, and
  • change pets from demanding, smelly responsibilities to fun play things and a source of comfort.

©, 2013



Holiday house with extras

Holiday PetsOur holiday house in Bellingen came with a few unusual extras; a holiday cat and holiday dog, and holiday fish, crabs and a python (who lives under the verandah).

Bobby’s first encounter with the holiday dog didn’t go well. Holiday dog tried to be friendly in a dog type of way and grabbed Bobby’s tummy in his mouth, planning for them to go off and play together. After that, whenever Bobby saw the holiday dog he gazed into the distance or studied his feet carefully, thinking this made him invisible. Grot boy found the easiest way to exercise the holiday dog was to throw a ball down the hilly paddock and wait for the dog to fetch and return it. The consequence was a well-exercised dog and one very sore shoulder for grot boy.

The holiday cat is a little neurotic. She tormented me with her phobia about thresholds as I had to wait patiently for her to come in or go out dozens of times a day. When we left her alone for a night she punished us by leaving a nasty mess on our bed.

Fortunately, none of us ever saw the holiday python!

The “wild’ life also included a paddock of cows. Bobby practiced mooing at the cows but mostly they ignored him, which Bobby didn’t seem to notice. Bobby and grot boy discovered a new game, inspired by the cows. They sat on the verandah edge singing over and over again “One bear went to moo, went to moo the meadow, one bear went to moo . . . . . . “ I found it funny the first couple of times but it soon became monotonous. Unfortunately, Bobby and grot boy found it endlessly amusing.

The holiday house also has a pool and grot boy and I would have a swim after our long bike ride. As a special treat, we let the bears play in the pool before their holiday bath.

Floatie with BobbyBobby drifted around strapped to the floatie we found, vaguely watching the clouds, or perhaps napping. I couldn’t tell which. Eventually he got very soggen and grot boy had to rescue him before he sank.

Dwight preferred the airbed as she didn’t get wet and she could imagine being at a fancy resort with waiters bringing her cocktails. Ccino acted the typical juvenile, running around the pool edge making lots of noise and splashing everyone.

Our peaceful holiday came to an abrupt end when the holiday children turned up. The holiday children, like the holiday cat and holiday dog, belong to the house’s owners so that’s the sign it’s time for us to go home.

©, 2013