Ccino joins the family

Late night shopping at the supermarket brought us a big surprise. Not big as in large, but big as in “Oh dear!”

Supermarket hanging_CcinoWe were in a hurry to collect our groceries and get home for dinner. So when we noticed a stand of little teddy bears in one of the aisles, neither grot boy nor I paid much attention to them.

But as we were paying at the checkout, we saw one of the little bears sitting on the cash register. “Hi,” he said “my name is Ccino.” Grot boy was immediately smitten by this cute and forward little bear. “We’ll have to take him home with us,” grot boy pleaded. “We need a baby bear to complete our family.”

“I’m not a baby,” Ccino insisted, “but I might come home with you. Do you have lots of other bears I can play with?” he asked. “There are heaps of us here and we have loads of fun.” Grot boy told Ccino he’d have plenty of company – Teddy, Buddha Bear, Bobby, Dwight and Ted 2. “You”ll have lots of playmates and get to go on outings,” he promised.

Ccino thought the bears’ names were a bit funny and old-fashioned but told grot boy “I’ll come home with you but you’re not to call me a baby.”

Supermarket check outGrot boy found a few coins in his pocket and paid for Ccino before I could say anything. As grot boy walked out of the store with Ccino tucked into his pocket I was left asking the thin air “What about the other bears? How will they feel if we arrive home, without warning, with a new baby?”

We received a cool reception when we got home with Ccino, as I feared. Teddy and Buddha Bear tried to ignore him. Dwight asked “How come he has a vest when I don’t have any clothes? Where are his pants?” Ted 2 wanted to know who would be responsible for looking after Ccino while Bobby was more interested in the shopping. He watched me unpack it, ignoring Ccino, hoping to see that we’d bought him more chocolate.

What we didn’t realise that night was Ccino had many hidden talents. While he looked, and often behaved like, a little baby bear, he could also be very grown up and responsible – or anywhere in between these extremes. The challenge for grot boy and me was to know which Ccino he would be today.

©, 2013


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