Supermarkets after hours

We came home from work to find Ccino surrounded by all the other bears. They were listening with great concentration as Ccino was telling them what happened in the supermarket after hours.

Supermarket after hours“We all got down from the shelves and organised a big party,” he explained. “I used to find all the music toys and turn them on. We’d make heaps of noise until the grumpy monster toy would make us turn the music down.”

“My friends and I used to organise races down the aisles, and whenever we had a really big bear in the shop we’d have trolley races,” he continued.

“What about food?” Bobby asked. “Did you have any party food?”

“There was heaps of food, “Ccino replied. “We’d just take whatever we wanted off the shelves.” Bobby was amazed, “You mean you could eat as much chocolate as you like?” “Of course!” Ccino replied, exasperated by Bobby’s diversion “We would take whatever we liked. No-one ever noticed.”

Ccino then lowered his voice to a whisper, “I was told that in some supermarkets they have alcohol and everyone gets drunk at their parties.” The other bears sounded shocked, “Really?” “Didn’t any of them get sick?” “Did you ever drink?” “What was it like?” they all started to ask.

Ccino relished the consternation he’d caused and finished with his piece de resistance, “Once I found a bottle of wine and got really drunk – that’s when I lost my pants. I used to have pants, you know.”

“Like one of our Prime Ministers a long time ago,” concluded Teddy.

©, 2013


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