The teddies go to work

We were all surprised when one night grot boy announced he’d like to take Bobby and Dwight to work the next day. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” I asked.

Work-dwight-bobbyGrot boy teaches digital media in a technical college and wanted to demonstrate how to set up cameras for a one-on-one interview. He explained, “The teddies are more photogenic and compliant than my students and if I have them interview each other all the students can watch.”

I wasn’t sure. Should I be more worried about the students deciding to take our teddies home or Bobby and Dwight revealing family secretes to grot boy’s students? Besides, what would it do to grot boy’s reputation!

The teddies’ reactions were mixed. Bobby was delighted. “Grot boy told me work was like a big shed; much, much bigger than our one at home. We can do lots of humming and haaing,” he said.

But Dwight wasn’t too pleased, “Are you sure it won’t be too dirty? Grot boy wears such old and daggy clothes to work it doesn’t seem like a nice place for a little girl bear.” She was only persuaded, when grot boy told her he’d take some studio photos for her portfolio using the special work cameras.

work-bears-2When I arrived home that night, everyone rushed to tell me about their exciting day. Dwight was thrilled with her photos and loved all the attention from the students. But the best part, she told me, was  “I got to make Bobby go up and down, and backwards and forwards on grot boy’s machine. He looked so funny.”

“You didn’t let them play on your CNC machine*?” I asked grot boy. “They could’ve had a nasty accident.” Grot boy reasoned “I wanted to test whether students could operate it and thought if the teddies could, then there might be a chance.”

When I asked Bobby what his favourite part of the day was, he paused for a long time. “Hmmmmm, the chocolate a student gave me was pretty good. Oh, and I liked being with grot boy all day,” he finally said.

I was pleased they’d all enjoyed themselves but told grot boy, “You shouldn’t take the teddies to work too often. They might get overstimulated and exhausted.” I didn’t say really my biggest concern was grot boy’s boss deciding the teddies were better teachers than him.

* A computer numeric controlled machine, which is a 3 dimensional printer.

©, 2013


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