Travelling with teddy bears

We were faced with a moral dilemma. Could the bears travel in our suitcase in the hold of the plane, or should they come with us, taking up valuable room in our cramped, cattle class seats?

Teddy overheard our discussion, “I always travelled in grot girl’s suitcase and if it was good enough for me, then it’s good enough for Bobby, Dwight and Ccino.”

Grot boy wasn’t convinced, “It will be cold and dark, and they’ll get lonely without us.” Which I think was more projection on his part than reality. “If we put them in the suitcase then we’ll have to make sure there’s plenty of chocolate and snacks for Bobby, and toys for Ccino to play with.”

Backpack teddiesI gave in! The thought of arriving after a long trip, opening the suitcase and finding chocolate wrappers and pieces of chocolate smeared across everything, and the clothes in a jumbled mess from Ccino’s squirming and wriggling, was more than I could bear.

©, 2013


We’re off to Europe

When we walked in the door after work one day, Ccino asked us “When are you taking me on a big trip in an airplane? I want to go to other countries and have lots of exciting adventures, and see lots of strange things and hear people talk weird languages.”

Europe_Teddy and Ccino with mapI wasn’t prepared for this, “How do you know about all these things? Have you been on the internet?” I was even more surprised by Ccino’s answer. It turned out that he and Grandpa Teddy, as Ccino called him, had been spending the days while we were at work talking about all of Teddy’s trips overseas. Teddy had found this to be a good way to settle Ccino down and keep him still and quiet.

Grot boy and the bears were all delighted by Ccino’s suggestion and I was faced with cries of, “Let’s all go to Europe, we’re going to Europe, I want to go now.” And so we started planning our first big trip together as the teddy bear grot family.

When I asked “Where should we go?” I received a chorus of suggestions. Dwight knew what she wanted to do, “I think we should go to Paris. It’s such a beautiful and romantic city.” Bobby said he’d heard that Berlin was the home of bears so perhaps we should go there. Grot boy suggested we go to Rome, “There’s so much history and ancient ruins everywhere.” To which Ccino said, “I don’t want to see a lot of old stuff. Where do they have the best parties?”

After much negotiation and looking at maps, the trip was planned.

Getting passports for the bears wasn’t easy. The instructions for having a passport photo taken said you must have a “neutral facial expression and both eyes open. Do NOT smile.” We had to persuade the passport man that, when you’re a teddy bear, a big smile is your natural, neutral look.

Suitcase and bearsPacking was the next challenge. While I tried to neatly pack the suitcases the bears kept getting in the way. Dwight reminded me I needed to take my very best clothes while Bobby wanted to check we had plenty of emergency snacks. They all kept hopping into the suitcases asking “Are you finished? Can we go now? When do we leave?”

On the plane at last! Grot boy and all the bears were very excited although Dwight tried hard to pretend she was a sophisticated bear who had travelled often. Bobby seemed to be far more excited than I expected until I realised he was not excited, but nervous and agitated. When I asked if he was OK, Bobby sought my reassurance “Are you sure the plane can fly? It’s much bigger than a bird.”

Grot boy, who also seemed a little nervous, told Bobby, “If you flap your arms, it will help the plane take off.” He then helped Bobby to flap as the plane taxied along the runway. This distracted them both from their nervousness and, as we slowly rose into the air, I think everyone was relieved.

©, 2013