Bath time for teddy bears

The teddies will not be sleeping in our bed,” I declared “unless they have a bath.”

They had been getting dirtier and dirtier, a little bit more sticky and smelly, every time they went out. And, in Bobby’s case, every time he had another little snack of honey toast.

With each new stain or patch of stickiness we had given the offending bear a scrub with the face washer and told ourselves he was fine.

Slide at parkBut after our outing to the park I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Ccino had started the games on the slides, and the other had followed, one by one.

“Let’s make a train,” he’d encouraged the other bears “then we can slide altogether and go very, very fast.” Teddy wasn’t too sure this was a good idea but Ted 2 assisted Ccino to organise everyone, lining them all up so that they came down the slide in the correct order, based on their position in the family.


After the first attempt, they landed in a heap. One of them started to giggle, we weren’t sure who, then they all started. “Let’s do it again. That was fun. Who wants to go first this time?” they all shouted at each other.

Over and over again, they climbed up the slide and slid down, landing in a heap on the ground. Now they were filthy!

Dwight was the only one who seemed to mind, “Please can I have a shampoo and wash? My fur is all smelly and dirty,” she asked. But Ccino had a tantrum, “I’m not dirty. I don’t need a bath. I don’t want to smell like a girl.”

“You all have to have a bath if you want to sleep in bed tonight.” It was hard to say who was more upset at the thought of the teddies not sleeping in our bed. Grot boy was adamant, “you can’t make them sleep outside, they’ll get cold and lonely,” he said. Ccino didn’t like to admit it, but he was scared of the dark, and Ted 2 was worried he might catch a chill.

Bath_B, D and CSo we prepared a tub of nice warm water, got out my best shampoo, and soaped and squeezed, and scrubbed and rinsed over and over again until the water turned from dirty brown to clear and clean.

Teddy bears can absorb a lot of water and I was concerned they wouldn’t dry by the evening but grot boy had a solution. “If we wrap them up in a pillow case and give them a spin in the washing machine, they’ll be dry by the time the sun goes down,” he said.

Washing machine_B, D and CIn the machine they went, and when they came out Ccino was squealing with delight, “That was cool, I went so fast no-one could see me, it’s like a super moshing pit. I want a bath every week.”

©, 2013



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