The delights of Florence

Bobby was excited, which was unusual for him. Bobby likes to let life drift past him, occasionally sampling an activity, or better still a dessert, as it wanders by.

Florence gelato_Bobby betterBut now we’re off to Florence and I’d told him that this was the home of the best gelato in the world.

“Are we there yet? When are we going to the gelato shop? What flavours do they have?” he asked over and over again.

Even grot boy became a little exasperated, “Bobby, we’ll take you to the gelato shop when we arrive. But Florence is full of beautiful buildings, art and history so we’ve got lots of other things we want to do when we’re there.”

Florence turned out to be even more beautiful, more interesting, more exciting and more romantic than any of us expected.

Galileo museumCcino had been concerned, “It’s boring looking at old paintings and old things. I want to play.” So when we went to the Museo Galileo and he discovered Galileo’s old astrological equipment he was surprised, “These are really cool toys. Can I go on the slide?” “No, Ccino,” grot boy replied. “that ball rolling down the slide is how Galileo measured gravity. See, as the ball passes equidistant points a bell rings and he used the distance and the time between rings to calculate the force of gravity.”

To my surprise, Ccino listened with interest. “What’s gravity?” he wanted to know.

“If I throw you up in the air like this,” grot boy explained, throwing Ccino up to the ceiling “you fall back down again because of gravity.”

“That’s fun, do it again,” Ccino demanded. But the museum guard interrupted, putting a stop to Ccino’s science lesson.

The jewellery shops on the Ponte Vecchio were Dwight’s favourite. Every time we crossed over the bridge, Dwight would dawdle behind us looking into the shop windows contemplating, “I wonder if that necklace would suit me. Or maybe the bracelet next to it is more flattering, but I love those jangly earrings.”

Every day brought new things to see and new gelato flavours to try.

But nothing compared with our final night in Florence. Over dinner at a small, typical Florentine restaurant grot boy said, “I think we all get on very well, and it has been lots of fun all travelling together. I think we should spend the rest of our lives together.”

I thought this sounded like a nice idea, not quite realising what grot boy meant, until Dwight exclaimed, “Grot boy and grot girl are going to get married. It’s soooooo exciting, I’ll be a flower girl, I’ll need a beautiful new dress and Bobby has to dress up too.”

With that settled, we raced off to see the statue of David, eager to squeeze one last experience into our visit to Florence.

©, 2013


Trying hard

Buddha-bobby-wandering chockiesBuddha Bear was disconcerted, “How come Bobby always falls on his feet? Not when he falls off grot boy’s bicycle – he falls on his bottom then. But good things always happen to him. Now he even has a new profession as a chocolate taste tester. It seems somehow undeserved.”

“I meditate and contemplate, and meditate some more but Bobby has good luck without even trying,” he continued.

Bobby was confused, “I try very hard,” he explained to Buddha Bear. “I sit and wonder if something nice might wander by, perhaps a dessert or a little chocolate. If nothing turns up straight away then I have a little nap and dream about my favourite desserts.”

“It might take a little time, but I don’t mind. Something nice always wanders by eventually,” he concluded.

©, 2013