Trying hard

Buddha-bobby-wandering chockiesBuddha Bear was disconcerted, “How come Bobby always falls on his feet? Not when he falls off grot boy’s bicycle – he falls on his bottom then. But good things always happen to him. Now he even has a new profession as a chocolate taste tester. It seems somehow undeserved.”

“I meditate and contemplate, and meditate some more but Bobby has good luck without even trying,” he continued.

Bobby was confused, “I try very hard,” he explained to Buddha Bear. “I sit and wonder if something nice might wander by, perhaps a dessert or a little chocolate. If nothing turns up straight away then I have a little nap and dream about my favourite desserts.”

“It might take a little time, but I don’t mind. Something nice always wanders by eventually,” he concluded.

©, 2013


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