Dwight’s tip

Arc de Triomph_teddiesEverything sounds better in a foreign language, especially if it’s French. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the language, as long as you try, and say it with charm and a smile.

Bobby said he can do the smile but he’s not sure what charm is, adding “But ‘chocolate’ is pretty similar in most languages so I don’t have any problems being understood wherever I go.”

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Settling in back home

We were all rather discombobulated for some time after returning from our overseas holiday.

When we met a neighbour or friend in the street the teddy bears would greet them with a chorus of “Bonjour”, Ciao” or “Guten tag”.

Dwight was keen to practice the French she’d learnt and would attempt a conversation with the owner of our local patisserie, “Comment ca va? Tres bien. Merci. Au revoir.” she’d say in a jumble of words and accents.

Grot boy and I had a more serious problem. Having got used to traffic traveling on the right hand side of the road, back home we now risked being run over every time we crossed the street. Much to the bears’ amusement – and the bewilderment of those around us – we’ve taken to standing at the road’s edge singing the song we learnt as children.

“Look to the right and look to the left before you cross the street
Cars and buses, trucks and trams, everything you could meet
So look to the right and look to the left before you cross the street.”

The teddies didn’t help the process of settling back into life at home with their game, “What was the most fun thing we did on our holiday.”

Fountain 3“The best part of the holiday was when Bobby pushed Dwight into the fountain. She looked so funny,” Ccino would declare.

Bobby would hum and haah before proffering, “The best thing was the gelato in Florence, no, maybe the cakes in Berlin.”

Dwight would disagree. She was in no doubt, “The very best was shopping for chic new clothes in Paris.”

“That was boring,” Ccino would respond, jumping up and down. “I had the best fun when I ran away at Hadrian’s Villa and you had to come and find me.

Having now had a little more time to contemplate, Bobby would add with greater confidence, “Chocolate taste testing in Paris was most definitely the best part of the holiday.

The game would go on, with the bears getting more and more excited, until grot boy joined in with, “You’re all right! The whole holiday was wonderful. Let’s look at the photos again.”

And so we’d all rush to the computer, jockeying for the best seats, and scroll through our 3,000 holiday photos once again; re-living the highlights of our trip.

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