Vatican Museum tours

The teddy bears came to our rescue in the Vatican Museum.

As we made our way through the packed halls, grot boy and I became separated. The crowded mass of people developed its own momentum, moving like lava from a volcano, sliding from room to room. Dwight and I gave up trying to see where grot boy and Bobby were, just hoping that when we were all spewed out at the exit doors they’d turn up in the mess.

Teddybear toursThen we heard a little cry, “Teddy bear tours this way, follow the teddy bear tours.” Looking up, we could see Bobby being held aloft by grot boy, like a tour mascot. Dwight was so relieved she forgot her usual decorum and called out, “Bobby, teddy bear tours, we’re over here.”

Bobby responded with, “Join the teddy bear tours now. We have the best tours, with lots of snacks.”

Bobby and Dwight continued calling to each other until grot boy and I managed to reunite – fortunately before we amassed too many followers.

And thus a solution for any crowded situation we ever find ourselves in was born.

©, 2013


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