Playing statues

Statue_Bobby as toga manCcino was intrigued, “Why did they cut off everyone’s head in the old days? They must have been very, very naughty.” I was confused by Ccino’s question but grot boy had no difficulty in understanding the logic of a two-year old. “The statues are headless because they’re ancient ruins from a long, long time ago. They’re a bit like people and fall apart with age.”

“So why haven’t you two lost your heads and arms and bits – you’re sooo old?” Ccino wanted to know.

Bobby, who had been listening to our conversation, was a little concerned. “I don’t think it would be very nice to lose my head. How would I be able to eat?” Then, with a quiet “hmmmm” he offered a solution, “If I sit on top of the statue then I can help that poor man –I can eat for him.”

Statues_Dwight CcinoDwight had a different idea, “If I pretend I’m a statue then people will take my photo and I’ll be famous. Come on Ccino! We can play “mother and child” like in all the old paintings.”

Ccino was not at all happy with the suggestion, “I’m not a little baby, and I don’t want to be a crumbling old fart and lose my head.”

©, 2013


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