Time to come home

No-one was happy when our holiday came to an end and it was time to prepare for the long flight home.

Bobby, who is usually quite happy just bobbing along and waiting to see what might happen, was most upset. “The nice man in the patisserie will miss us if we don’t visit him every day,” he said. “And the lovely lady with the special, yummy chocolates might get lonely if I don’t say hello every time I go past her shop.”

perfume counter dwight“Will there be any chocolates on the plane,” he asked “it’s a very, very long trip all the way home.” When I promised him we’d buy some of his favourite chocolates to take on the plane Bobby was comforted.

Dwight seemed quite happy to leave until we reached the airport – then I understood why she’d been keen to help me pack. Once we’d checked in, she lingered at each duty free shop, trying on lipsticks and perfumes until the sickly sweet perfume overwhelmed grot boy and he made the mistake of taking Dwight to the scarf counter. “Please, grot boy,” she pleaded. “Please, please will you buy me a silk scarf. I could wear it to concerts and everyone would know I’d been to Europe.

asleep on planeCcino refused to cooperate as we made the last minute preparations to leave for the airport, running around the hotel room playing hide and seek, and demanding we come and find him. Grot boy and I soon realised that the only way we were all going to be able to cope with Ccino’s restlessness on a 30-hour journey back to Australia was to resort to bribing him. But with what? I have to admit, we told him he could have one, just one, alcoholic drink on the plane, thinking this would probably make him fall asleep.

Grot boy and I were also unhappy that our holiday had come to an end. Not only was there the long and uncomfortable trip home to be endured, once we got there we had to go back to work.

But after 30 hours in transit, with little sleep, sitting in small, uncomfortable seats, eating airline food, watching B-grade movies, we were all thrilled to get off the plane and be back home in Sydney. Even Bobby had found the journey arduous, having served as a pillow for grot boy throughout much of the flight.

© teddybearlife.com, 2013


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