The teddies plan our wedding

Grot boy and I came home from work to find the bears having an animated discussion, planning our wedding.

Dwight was expounding her vision, “We will have the most beautiful white flowers to match my dress. Bobby will have to dress up and Ccino can’t come unless he wears some pants. We’ll have French champagne and a string quartet for entertainment.

“The food is always the most important part of a wedding,” Bobby contributed to the discussion.  “We need to make sure we have lots of extra special yummy things to eat. I think EVERYONE would be happy if we had all of our favourite chocolates. And some cakes too, and maybe a little gelato as well.”

Ccino had a different view, “It’s the drinks that matter most. You can’t just have champagne – not everyone likes champagne. We’ll have vodka, and cocktails with rum, and brandy too.

wedding planning-Ted2Ted 2 brought the debate to an end with a firm “I will organise a nice, sensible wedding for grot boy and grot girl. There’s a lot to be done – we need to decide on the date, book the location, send out invitations, choose a caterer . . . . “ As he went on and on with all the arrangements that needed to be made, the bears and grot boy drifted away, not the least bit interested in the practicalities. Meanwhile, I became more and more alarmed at how much needed to be done.

It was only when we heard a quiet sobbing coming from Dwight that we realised there was more to planning this wedding than we’d realised. “What’s wrong, Dwight?” I asked. “Aren’t you happy that grot boy and I are getting married?”

Her plaintiff response was heartbreaking, “I need a wedding dress too, don’t I. Ted 2 said I wasn’t getting married so I couldn’t have a wedding dress.”

“Of course you are,” answered grot boy, saving the situation from further disaster. “We’re all getting married and we’ll all dress up and have a big party with lots of food and grog.”

©, 2013


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