Dwight’s wedding dress

Today. Dwight is delighted, after the great tears and drama of yesterday.

Wedding Dress window- DwightCcino, who is the moneys expert and is managing the wedding finances, had told her that the wedding dress she’d chosen was too expensive. “It costs more than we have in the budget for your outfit so you’ll have to find another dress,” he explained.

There had been many shopping trips to wedding boutiques, and hours and hours of discussion about which dress she liked best, before she’d finally chosen her dream outfit. So when Ccino told her she couldn’t have it she was distraught. Through sobs and tears she pleaded with him, “Please, please Ccino, it’s only just a little bit more expensive. I promise I won’t ask for another dress all year if I can just have my special wedding outfit.”

finding moneys-CcinoCcino wouldn’t compromise on the budget but he is a very generous little bear and came up with a solution. “If we find some more moneys, then I’ll give it to you for your dress,” he told Dwight.

Then today Ccino found a gold coin while we were out on a bike ride and both he and Dwight were thrilled. I think grot boy might have “accidentally” dropped the coin but I’d prefer to let everyone enjoy the happy accident.

© teddybearlife.com, 2013


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