Who’s in charge? Who decides?

Belle fleur-bobby countingThe teddies wanted to know: when you’re a family, who gets to make the important decisions like what’s for dinner and where to go on a bike ride?

And what about the most important, big decisions like what chocolates to choose and where to go on holidays?

Bobby said you just hum and haa for a while, then somehow the decisions are made. and Ccino said, “If I had some pants, then I could make the decisions.”

Great Gatsby_DwightBut Teddy grumbled, “I’m the oldest and most experienced so I know what’s best.” Dwight was horrified at the thought of Teddy deciding what clothes she could buy, “He’s so old fashioned and has no idea what’s chic today,” she wailed.

Mr Grot solved everyone’s dilemma, “There’s a role for everyone: each of us is good at different things. We should let Mrs Grot choose what’s for dinner as she’s the best cook and Bobby can choose our cakes and gelato. Teddy has travelled the most so he can help with the holidays and Dwight’s advice on fashion is most invaluable.”

“That’s fine,” Ted 2 responded, “as long as no-one lets Ccino decide on the music.”

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What’s a family?

Playground family“We’re a family now grot boy and grot girl are married,” Dwight declared to everyone she met.

What’s a family?” Ccino wanted to know.

“‘Well, we all stay together and . . . “ she really wasn’t quite sure. When she thought about all the families she knew, none of them were the same, some of them even didn’t have teddy bears.

Teddy thought most families were peculiar a lot of the time but somehow seemed to work.

Ted 2 came to the rescue, “Families look after each other when things go wrong, and have fun together when they’re happy.”

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