Bobby discovers he’s god

A thunderstorm had been brewing all afternoon. We were hurrying home from dinner with the teddies’ friend down the road and just got in the front door when the rain started. It was quickly followed by great flashes of lightening and then a resounding BOOM, so close and loud that it echoed through the house shaking the glasses on the table.

LighteningThe bears hadn’t been in a storm like this before. Dwight was a little alarmed but Ccino got all excited and jumped up and down saying “It’s just like being in the mosh pit when the drummer plays so loud I bounce up and down. Let’s go out and play.”

Bobby asked, “Is there a big drum outside going boom like at the symphony concert?” Grot boy explained that this wasn’t a drum but god going boom.

Dwight wanted to know, “Why does god try and frighten everyone? Is he very, very angry?”

But Bobby hummed and haaed for a bit. Then, using his teddy bear logic, said “if I go boom and god goes boom then I must be god”. How could we disagree with such great theological thinking from a teddy bear?

©, 2014


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