The honeymoon

Jervis Bay full moon“Why did you let Ted 2 organise the honeymoon?” Ccino wanted to know. “It’s boring here -it’s so quiet and there are no nightclubs. Where can I go partying?”

Dwight was even more unimpressed with Ted 2’s choice of our honeymoon destination, “This is the same place we came for our holiday last year. A honeymoon is supposed to be special and romantic. We should have gone to Paris, or Florence where we got engaged, not bicycle riding in the country.”

Bobby stayed silent while the others complained. I could tell it meant he didn’t want to get involved because he was staring at his feet as if he’d just seen a splinter that needed removing. Then I remembered: he had watched me packing the food for our holiday – he didn’t mind where we went as long as there was enough chocolate.

The complaints got louder the next morning as grot boy – I mean Mr Grot – and I prepared to go on a bike ride. “Who wants to come with us?” Mr Grot asked the bears. Teddy suggested “Perhaps it would be better if I stayed home on the couch. It’s very peaceful here and there mightn’t be enough room on the bikes for all of us.”

This caused Dwight to burst into tears again, “We’re on our honeymoon, Teddy. We should all go together otherwise it’s not a real honeymoon.” Mr Grot was only able to stop the tears after promising Dwight she could ride on his bike today (instead of mine as usual) now they’re married.

Honeymoon at blue houseThat night, as we sat down to a romantic dinner with champagne, a beautiful view of the bay and our exotic wedding food leftovers for dinner everyone agreed that this was special. Just our own little family – with no-one asking silly questions about who got married to whom, or whether the teddies were old enough to be drinking – a perfect honeymoon for us.

Well done Ted 2!

©, 2014


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