Hephie’s debut

Hephie_logo photo shootIt’s finally time to introduce Hephie, our blue-spotted hephalump. No-one got much sleep last night – Hephie kept reminding us that tomorrow he’d be in the blog. He has been waiting week after week, month after month for this special day; his debut in the grot family blog.

Each week, as we added a new story to the blog Hephie asked, “When will I be in the blog? When are you going to tell everyone about me?” As the weeks went by, he got more and more worried, “Are you going to send me back to the shop? Is that why I’m not in the blog?”

“Of course we’re not going to send you back to the shop. You’re part of our family now,” I reassured him. “Besides, you are in the blog. Remember you’re in the photos so everyone knows you belong with us.” Hephie was quiet for a moment, and then we heard him tell Bobby “See, I am in the blog, everyone can see my photo in the banner, I won’t be going back to the shop.”

Now Hephie wants to tell his own story, in his own words.

“I used to live in a shop and spend the day sitting in the window, watching the traffic go by. There were a few other animals in the shop but it was very, very lonely. No one ever came and talked to me and I NEVER got any cuddles. I would just sit in the window, watching all the cars go by day after day.

One day, I saw grot boy and grot girl – although I didn’t know their names then – and they waved at me. Then they drove off, just like everyone else and I was very sad. I saw them again a few days later and this time they had a teddy bear with them and he waved at me too – that was Bobby. Once again, they didn’t stop and just drove away.

That night I cried – trying not to wake the other animals. Wasn’t anyone going to take me home with them? I wanted a nice family too, just like that teddy bear.

Then one day, a funny looking man walked into the shop and came straight up to me. I didn’t recognise him at first as he had a bicycle helmet on his head. Then I realised it was the nice man with the teddy bear who’d waved to me.

He picked me up, gave me a big cuddle, then put me down again and walked out of the shop. I was soooo disappointed I started to sob. Then all of a sudden, the lady who I’d seen with the teddy bear came into the shop. She picked me up too, gave me a big, squishy cuddle and said, “You’re a beautiful, soft, cuddly hephalump. Would you like to come home with us?”

Hephie and family“Yes, please, yes, please!” I cried. Grot girl marched up to the shop lady and said, “This beautiful, blue spotty hephalump needs proper care. He’s coming home with us where he’ll have six teddybear friends and lots of love.

That night, I cuddled up in bed with my new family, so excited I couldn’t sleep but happy at last.”

© teddybearlife.com, 2014


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