Valentine’s Day

Bobby is bewildered.

“Why are you getting grot girl chocolates especially for Valentine’s Day?” he asked grot boy. “She likes to have chocolate every day.”

Valentine- Bobby -Dwight-3Dwight was able to explain, “Valentine’s Day is a special day when you’re supposed to show the people you love how much you care for them so you buy them chocolates and roses and presents.”

That only confused Bobby more. “Don’t we love each other all the time?” he responded.

Grot boy reassured him that of course we did.

“So we should have chocolate every day.” He then paused, “So every day must be Valentine’s Day.

I was glad Teddy helped explain, “We’re lucky! We all love each other every day – well, most days,” he corrected. “In some families, they only love each other on Valentine’s Day, and sometimes not even then.”

©, 2014


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