Ccino is fascinated by the gorillas

GorillaEver since we went to the zoo Ccino has been asking questions about the baby gorillas.

“What do they eat?”

What games do they like to play?

“When they’re naughty, do they get a smack?”

“And what happens if they fall out of a tree? Do they have a special therapy cupboard like me and Bobby?”

Grot boy was pleased that Ccino seemed to be so interested in wildlife. “Perhaps he’ll grow up to be a zoologist or a conservationist,” he suggested.

I suspected Ccino had something else in mind and when he asked, “Will my bum fur change colour too?” I understood.

The lady at the zoo had told us that baby gorillas can be as naughty as they like while they’ve still got white bum fur. Once the white fur disappears, they have to obey the social rules and mores or they’ll get into lots of trouble.

Ccino wanted to know if that was going to happen to him, “Because then I can be extra naughty now and still get away with it,” he told us.

©, 2014


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