Ccino wants to be a hephalump

Swing with Hephie and CcinoFrom the very first day Hephie joined our family, Ccino adopted him as his big brother. Just as little children like dinosaurs – they’re big and strong and powerful – Ccino admired Hephie’s strength and size.

Their favourite game was constructed to reinforce these characteristics and demonstrate what a big hephalump can do. Ccino would pretend to run away and Hephie would chase after him. When he caught up, he would sit on Ccino and squash him under the weight. After a laugh and a shake of his head, Ccino would squeal, “Let’s do it again, come on Hephie, chase me again!”

Hephie sqhashing CcinoWe hadn’t realised how much Ccino was looking for a role model until he said, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a hephalump too. Then no-one will boss me around and call me a baby. If I don’t like them, I’ll stomp on them.”

Bobby had never quite been able to meet Ccino’s need for excitement. Bobby wasn’t too keen on energetic games, preferring to sit and let life wander by, whereas Ccino was a little bear who liked action. If he wasn’t playing then he was planning new schemes for finding – or making – money.

Ccino’s admiration for Hephie, and delight in their games, was just what Hephie needed to help him settle into the family. He would say over and over again to anyone who would listen, “Ccino is my special friend – we play together all day. We have lots and lots of fun.” It was a great antidote to the trauma and loneliness of being in the shop for so long, all on his own.

And we hoped that Hephie’s gentle, friendly nature would be a good and calming influence on Ccino.

©, 2014


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