Valet parking

Valet parking_carThe teddies’ driving lessons have gone very well. Grot boy has been very patient, though the same can’t be said about the teddies.

After just a few minutes of starting a lesson, Bobby would say, “I’m tired. I think I need a little snack.” Ccino would jump up and down saying, “Come on Bobby, I want to go faster.” While Hephie would ask, “Should I jump on the break now?” and then do so without first waiting for an answer.

But after each outing, they’d improve just a little bit and grot boy found the driving lessons a lot more satisfying than his teaching job, “At least the teddies try hard, they want to learn and come to class.”

Valet parking_signAnd finally after hours and hours, and weeks and weeks of driving lessons – along with a few scratches and bumps to the car – the teddies can drive.

Now we have our own valet parking service. It’s very handy although we do get some odd stares when we hop out of the car, throw the keys to Bobby and tell Ccino we’ll give him a call on his mobile when we’re ready to be picked up.

©, 2014


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