Earth hour

The teddies had a lot of fun during Earth Hour a couple of nights ago. As the sun set, and the sky grew darker and darker, we explained that we wouldn’t be turning on the lights and would spend some of the evening in the dark.

Teddy was quite happy to make the most of the opportunity and told us, “I think I’ll go to bed early. Then it won’t matter if there’s no light.”

But the others thought that it sounded like fun to be in the dark, but not have to go to bed yet, and they started to plan what they would do. Bobby suggested, “Perhaps we could all get into the chocolate cupboard. It’s usually dark in there anyway.” But none of the others were interested and Bobby was left mumbling, “Perhaps I’ll just spend a little quiet time on my own in the cupboard.”

Ccino and Hephie thought it would be fun to play some games and started debating what they would play. The sound of their excited whispering got me worried – I didn’t trust Ccino’s vivid imagination.

And when I heard Ccino telling Hephie about finger painting, I asked grot boy to intervene. Ccino was explaining, “Instead of using brushes to do the painting, you dip your paws in the paint and splodge it on the paper. It’ll be so funny, we won’t be able to see what we’re doing. It’ll look like a big Jackson Pollack.”

Grot boy gently steered them in another direction by asking, “What would you like to do Hephie?”

“I’ve got an idea,” suggested Hephie. “We could play hide and seek – it’ll be lots of fun in the dark. And you won’t be able to find me like you usually do Ccino because you won’t be able to see my trunk sticking out.”

That sounded like a much better idea. After all, what harm could the teddies do to themselves running around in the pitch black, bumping into tables and chairs, and grot boy and me?

So for an hour that night we sat in the dark, listening to the scampering of little feet and the teddies calling to each other. “I’m over here Hephie,” Ccino would call. Then we’d hear Hephie banging and crashing through the house until eventually he’d have to ask again and again, ”Where’s ‘here’? I can’t find you.”

It was an unfair game given Ccino is so small, but Hephie didn’t seem to mind.

It wasn’t until the next morning that the teddies wondered why we had all been in the dark. “Didn’t grot girl pay the electricity bill?” Ted 2 asked, concerned that perhaps we couldn’t afford to.

“I know, I know,” declared Ccino with confidence. “The sun and the moon wanted to play hide and seek too.

©, 2014


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