April Fool’s Day

Chocolate brownie_BobbyCcino decided to play an April Fool’s Day trick on Bobby and enlisted Hephie’s assistance.

“Hephie, if you go and get some water in your trunk, we can add it to my nice pile of dirt and make a ‘chocolate brownie’ for Bobby. He’ll think it’s a real brownie until he tastes it.” Hephie was happy to help, pleased to be included in Ccino’s joke.

But when Ccino presented Bobby with the cake he was delighted. “This is lovely, thank you Ccino. It must be my birthday today,” he said.

Hephie was confused, maybe mud brownies weren’t so bad after all. So when Ccino offered Bobby another one Hephie asked, “Can I try just a little bit please?”

Chocolate brownie_Hephie and BobbyAs Bobby and Hephie bit into the ‘brownie’, Ccino started to giggle. “YUK, that’s disgusting,” Bobby and Hephie spluttered.

Ccino admitted he’d played a trick on both of them, “I bought a real brownie with the monies I’ve found so I could trick you.”

© teddybearlife.com, 2014


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