Mr Hephalump’s first holiday

Hephie couldn’t stay still. He wanted to share his news with everyone. This morning Mr Grot and I told the bears that we’d soon all be going on a holiday.

Holidays were a sensitive topic for Hephie. Soon after he’d joined the family Mr Grot and I went overseas, taking Bobby, Dwight and Ccino with us but not him. I’d felt pretty guilty about leaving him behind but didn’t see how we could fit another animal in our backpacks. And Mr Grot couldn’t imagine stuffing him in a suitcase and having him thrown into the hold.

Esky in back of car_bearsSo when we said this morning that we were all going on a holiday Hephie wasn’t sure if he’d understood correctly. “Does that mean I’m coming too?” he queried. “Yes” Mr Grot said “you and Bobby and Ccino and Teddy and Buddha and Ted Two – you’re all coming. And Mrs Grot of course.” Nice to know I was an afterthought!

Ever since then, Hephie has been juming up and down telling everyone he sees “We’re ALLLLLLLLL going on holidays. Me and Bobby and all the bears – we’re ALLLLLLLLL going on a big holiday.”

A few days later, we packed up the car, put the bikes on the back and headed off to Bellingen. The bears sat perched on top of the esky on the back seat so they could see out the window. But Hephie sat on my lap so he could occasionally poke his head out and tell anyone who might be passing by “We’re ALLLLLLLLL going on a holiday.”

Car window_HephieAs we passed Taree, Mr Grot made the mistake of pointing out to Hephie all the cameras on the side of the road. Hephie thought it was fantastic that someone had put cameras everywhere just to take his photo. Every time he saw another camera he’d wave excitedly saying, “You can take my photo because we’re ALLLLLLL on holidays and I want lots of holiday photos.”

Fortunately, Mr Grot took lots of photos too while we were away because we never did receive any photos from the roadside cameras. I almost wouldn’t have minded receiving a speeding fine just to have a photo of a smiling Hephie waving at the camera.

©, 2014


One thought on “Mr Hephalump’s first holiday

  1. I hope the roadside cameras did take pictures of Hephie waving. It would have brightened the day of the poor soul who has to look at all those pictures

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