Grot girl’s accident

accident-hand-Hephie“We’ll all have to help with the blog this week,” Ted 2 instructed the other teddies. “Grot girl can’t write or type because of her broken finger.”

“First, we have to decide what story we’re going to tell – we’ve had so many adventures it’s hard to choose. But maybe we should tell everyone about the accident,” he suggested.

Buddha Bear was no help, “It’s karma and what will be will be,” he said and resumed meditating.

Grandpa Teddy was so upset he wasn’t much help either. “Grot girl has never got sick and injured in all the years we’ve been together. Who will look after us when we get old if she can’t?” he asked and it looked like there were tears in his eyes.

“Get off the computer Ted 2, it’s my turn to type,” Ccino interjected. “I’ve got the smallest fingers so I’ll be abbblllee tto tyoe the bwst.”

Hephie said he wanted to find the naughty dog who’d made grot girl fall off her bike. “If he hadn’t wandered onto the path then grot girl wouldn’t have fallen off and hurt herself. He was a little dog with black spots – I’m sure I’d recognise him if I saw him again. And if we find him, I’m going to stomp on him for being a naughty dog.”

Bobby looked worried, “If grot girl can’t type, does that mean she won’t be able to cook for us too?” he wanted to know.

“Bobby, all you ever think of is your tummy,” Dwight chastised him. “This is a family disaster – grot girl has a broken finger and we all have to help.”

“Come on everyone, we’re supposed to be writing a story,” Ted 2 reminded them. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end, and something has to happen.”

They all stared at the blank computer screen, quiet for just a moment.

“I know, why don’t we ask grot boy to write this week’s story,” Dwight suggested.

“That’s the stupidest idea ever,” Ccino responded. “Have you ever seen grot boy write? He can’t even write properly.”

Somehow, listening to the teddies argue and debate what to do, and how to cope without my assistance made me feel a lot better, and a little more appreciated.

P.S Due to this unfortunate, unforeseen event, the teddies’ blog will not be appearing quite so frequently in forthcoming weeks.

©, 2014


Ccino and the publishers

Phone chair-2After their success at the writers’ festival, Ccino wouldn’t go anywhere without the phone. He wouldn’t even let me turn it off when we went to a concert. He was sure that one of the publishers he met would call with an offer of a publishing contract.

As the week progressed and no call arrived Ccino became quieter and quieter. The house had a strange, empty feeling without Ccino’s noise and the constant need to try and avoid tripping over him as he raced around from room to room. He wouldn’t even play his usual chasing game with Hephie, which upset and worried Hephie. “Did I do something wrong? Doesn’t Ccino like me anymore?” he asked over and over again.

Reading pooh bearWhen the end of the week arrived and there still hadn’t been any calls from the publishers Ccino announced, “That’s it! I’m not waiting any longer. I’m going to start my own publishing business and they’ll all be sorry. We’ll be the biggest thing since Pooh Bear and make lots of money. Then we can share the profits with our friends and build a special home for lost and neglected teddies.”

Ccino had bounced back, full of energy for his new business venture.

©, 2014