Party trouble

The teddies knew they were in trouble, but didn’t quite know why.

They didn’t understand why we were happy to have a big party for the blog’s first birthday but were very unhappy to come home one night and find they’d organised their own party while we were out.

Teddies in troubleEven Ted 2 was confused, “I thought you’d be pleased not to have to plan the party. We looked after all the arrangements ourselves.”

Bobby reassured us, “We made sure there was plenty of food so everyone was happy.”

Dwight explained that Hephie was a very good host, “He greeted all our guests, looked after them and made sure they all felt welcome.

Grot boy and I gave up! How do you explain to teddy bears that it wasn’t the same if we didn’t know in advance the party was on. It’s all in the timing and our teddies can’t read clocks (yet).

©, 2014


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