Ccino’s business plans

We don’t know where Ccino got his business brains from – it certainly wasn’t grot boy. Perhaps he learnt all about merchandising from his time in the supermarket.

But ever since he joined our family, he’s been interested in money and come up with ideas for new business ventures. First, he saw the potential in horse poo from our bike rides in the country when he saw the sign “Horse poo for sale”.

Ccino understood immediately that selling horse poo, which he could collect for free, must be a good business. The only trouble was, where we lived in the city there wasn’t a lot of horse poo.

Then he found monies just lying on the road – another easy money scam, but not very reliable.

Talking car toursSo Ccino decided, “I want to start my own business. Bobby and Hephie can work for me as drivers. They like riding around on cars and trains and things. I know! I’ll start a tourist talking car service like we saw in Barcelona. Bobby doesn’t talk much but Hephie is nice and friendly and chats to everyone he meets.”

Ccino started drawing up his business plan, “There’ll be a charge to go for a ride with us. And it’ll be extra if you want your photo taken. Maybe we could sell ice creams and chocolates to our passengers and make a profit from these too.”

That sparked Bobby’s interest. “That sounds like a very good business Ccino. You are so terribly clever,” he said. “

So Ccino started making all the arrangements. He found a nice little car, just the right size for Teddybear Tours. He borrowed grot boy’s computer and searched for the main tourist sites to visit in Sydney. Then he printed out a map and marked the route for the tours with a big red line.

Nothing could go wrong, could it? But Bobby and Hephie . . . . well, B&H will be B&H.

Hephie was so delighted to have an audience he wanted to tell them everything about his family, where he was from the places he’d been to as well as every single playground, park or site they went past. In his excited excitement, it all became a jumble of words, especially for the poor tourists who spoke different languages.

Bondi beach-bearsAnd Bobby kept getting distracted and diverting from the route Ccino had planned so carefully to visit every patisserie, chocolate shop or gelataria he knew – and he knows quite a few in Sydney. While the tourists wanted to see the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach, they were lucky to have seen just one of these landmarks after their one-hour trip.

Ccino became despondent, “It’s not fair. Bobby and Hephie are ruining my plans. How can I make any money when no-one wants to come on our tours because they’re so unreliable?”

But Ccino soon had a new plan. “I know. We’ll do tourist train tours. That way Bobby won’t be able to go off the rails – he’ll have to follow my route map. We’ve seen tourist trains in cities all over the world; there must be a lot of money to be made in the business.”

©, 2014


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