Ccino and the publishers

Phone chair-2After their success at the writers’ festival, Ccino wouldn’t go anywhere without the phone. He wouldn’t even let me turn it off when we went to a concert. He was sure that one of the publishers he met would call with an offer of a publishing contract.

As the week progressed and no call arrived Ccino became quieter and quieter. The house had a strange, empty feeling without Ccino’s noise and the constant need to try and avoid tripping over him as he raced around from room to room. He wouldn’t even play his usual chasing game with Hephie, which upset and worried Hephie. “Did I do something wrong? Doesn’t Ccino like me anymore?” he asked over and over again.

Reading pooh bearWhen the end of the week arrived and there still hadn’t been any calls from the publishers Ccino announced, “That’s it! I’m not waiting any longer. I’m going to start my own publishing business and they’ll all be sorry. We’ll be the biggest thing since Pooh Bear and make lots of money. Then we can share the profits with our friends and build a special home for lost and neglected teddies.”

Ccino had bounced back, full of energy for his new business venture.

©, 2014


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