Grot boy’s upset

Unfortunately, grot boy overheard Ccino’s derisory comments about his writing ability and became quite upset.

Now was not a good time to upset grot boy, who was having to double his efforts in the kitchen (from almost none to a little bit) so we could all still eat while grot girl was incapacitated.

Shed BobbyBobby appreciated the seriousness of the situation more than any of the other teddies and made a great effort to cheer up grot boy. “Can we go into the shed and play?” he asked having sensed that grot boy was often happiest when tinkering around with his shed stuff. “Then we could go to our bakery shop and get my – I mean grot boy’s – favourite cake.”

Dwight joined in, “Grot boy takes the nicest, most flattering photos of me. He’s definitely the best photographer in my professional career.”

Hephie offered to stomp on Ccino, which is his way of dealing with adversity, although he hoped we’d object as he didn’t want to cause Ccino any harm.

And so grot boy felt a little more appreciated and a near crisis of having to go to bed without dinner was averted.

©, 2014



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