Hephie and friends

“Sometimes, making friends isn’t easy,” Hephie told me.

Echidna_Hephie“I smile and wave and say hello to everyone but when I met Mr. Echidna he was a bit prickly and ignored me.

“I tried to have a little chat with him anyway – he looked a bit lonely – and after a while he came up very close. See, I knew he was really quite nice and friendly inside.

“Maybe no one taught him how to say hello.”

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Ccino’s next business venture

Train toursAfter Ccino’s talking cars for tourists venture went off the rails, he decided to set up a tourist train business. Surely Bobby and Hephie couldn’t subvert and de-rail a train?

All they would have to do is drive the train, staying on the rails, and take the tourists to the sites Ccino had mapped out along the train tracks.

Things went quite smoothly for a little while, although neither Bobby nor Hephie were very happy with their new jobs. Despite Hephie’s desire to please everyone, especially Ccino, he didn’t like to be constricted and confined. “It’s just like being couped up in the shop all day,” he said.

Bobby complained about the lack of snack breaks, despite having scheduled breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

One day, a tourist passenger on the train overheard Bobby saying, “Ccino, it’s time for elevenses and I haven’t had anything to eat since morning tea. I think we should stop for a little something when we go past my favourite gelato shop.”

This passenger was an important union man, and he didn’t like to see workers being exploited anywhere in the world. So when he heard Bobby complaining he intervened, “You should go on strike Mr Bear and demand your rights. How many breaks a day do you want?”

“Well I like to eat lots and lots of snacks, so I think we should have lots and lots of snack breaks,” answered Bobby not quite understanding what was happening.

Things got even worse for Ccino when another passenger on the train started to take photos. This lady was a journalist and she could see that a teddy bear insurrection on a tourist train would make a popular news story.

The next morning, large photos of Bobby, Hephie and Ccino were all over the front page of the newspapers. The phone didn’t stop ringing, but it wasn’t people booking rides on the now infamous tourist train, it was customers cancelling in support of the poor, exploited teddy bears.

So another business failure! But Ccino was not going to be beaten. “All the best entrepreneurs in the whole wide world say you have to fail at least twice before you succeed. I’ll just have to think of something that Bobby and Hephie CAN do. There must be something!”

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