The teddies want to help

When we arrived back home in Sydney, the teddies told all their friends about their experiences in Africa and how different it was from their comfortable, fun life at home.

Ethiopia schoolAfter a few days of talk, they announced, “We’ve decided! We’d like to help all the lovely children we met in DDA.”

Bobby offered to send a little bit of his chocolate every day and Dwight said she was happy to send some of her outfits, though she wasn’t sure who they’d fit.

Hephie said, “I’m a big strong hephalump so maybe I could help the old ladies carry their heavy loads,” though he wasn’t sure how he could do this while still living in Australia.

Ccino had the best solution, “I’ll send them all the monies I find on the road. We don’t need it to buy more things for ourselves. And grot boy and grot girl can match every 10 cents I find with $10.”

©, 2014


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