It’s hard being brave

We only realised how traumatised the teddies had been by their big adventure being lost in the bush when we were woken by cries during the night. First, Ccino awoke screaming, “Help! Go away Mr Snake!” Then we heard Bobby mumbling in his sleep,”There doesn’t seem to be any food here. I can’t see anything to eat and I’m getting quite hungry.” Hephie kept stomping his feet saying, “Go away Mr Snake.” While Dwight cuddled up in bed very close and asked, “I was very very brave, wasn’t I?”

Being braveCcino was unusually quiet during the daytime after his scary experience. It reminded us that, despite his normal bravado, he was still only a baby bear.

His claims of drinking alcohol, constant scheming with new business ventures and love of doof doof music were more pretence and showing off than real grown-up behaviour.

“It’s very hard to be brave when you’re only little,” he admitted. “Everyone needs a big friend like Hephie now and then.”

©, 2014


Lost in the bush

We’d all had a nice picnic lunch and a rest but grot boy wasn’t quite ready to get back on his bicycle when Ccino asked, “Can we go and play?”

“You’re not to go out of our sight,” I replied.

Getting lost-JBBut just then Ccino saw some mushrooms and, knowing that grot boy loved fresh mushrooms for breakfast, he pounced on the opportunit. “We’ll just go a little way so we can pick lots of mushrooms for grot boy,” he announced as they disappeared into the bush.

When they hadn’t returned after half an hour, I became very worried. And while Mr Grot pretended not to be too concerned, I could tell by the way he marched off in a hurry to search for them that he was just as anxious.

We had only been searching for a few minutes when I heard a soft cry from one of the trees, “Yu hu! Help! We’re over here.” Looking up, we saw Dwight perched in the fork of a tree waving and calling to catch our attention.

Lost in bush_Dwight lookoutAs soon as the other teddies heard us coming there was a great commotion as they all told us at once –

“Thank goodness, you found us.”

“We won’t ever go off into the bush on our own again.”

“It was very, very frightening.”

“There didn’t seem to be anything to eat.”

“Hephie had to stomp on a big snake. I’m sure it was going to bite me.

“Ccino cried.”

“No I didn’t!”

After lots of big, squishy cuddles and a few tears (mine) the teddies calmed down and we found out what had happened.

“I kept seeing new patches of mushrooms, “ Ccino explained “but then we forgot which direction we’d come from. Then Hephie had to save me from a nasty hissing snake.”

Dwight turned out to be the most sensible. “I said one of us should climb a tree and watch out – I knew you would come looking for us eventually,” she told us.

“Hephie tried to climb up one tree but he was too big and the tree fell over. Then Ccino tried but he couldn’t get off the ground because the branches were too high. Bobby just sat there; he doesn’t even now how to climb trees.

“So I had to go up the tree myself – besides, girls are better at climbing trees anyway!”

©, 2014