Why are boats different?

Kayaking-JBCcino wanted to know, “Why are there so many different types of boats?”

We weren’t sure quite what Ccino meant until he added, “Cars are all the same, they drive on the road when you press the accelerator really, really hard but boats are different.”

“Some times you have to row them yourself, others get carried along by the wind, some have noisy engines just like a car, and others get pulled along by horses,” he elaborated.

Buddha bear came to our rescue, “Not all of us bears are the same are we, Ccino?” “No, of course not,” Ccino replied.

“Well, there are different boats, and different foods, and different religions, and even different types of music so there’s something that’s just right for each of us,” he explained.

© teddybearlife.com, 2014


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