Ccino is not defeated

Ccino has not been defeated by his previous business failures. “Surely there’s something that Bobby and Hephie can do without getting themselves into trouble,” he told us.

His talking car site seeing trips for tourists visiting Sydney hadn’t worked out because B & H were continually being distracted by their favourite parks and food shops. The tourists wanted to see the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi beach, not every playground and chocolate shop in the city, and the tours had received poor ratings on travel websites.

When Ccino tried to overcome B & H’s lack of discipline by shifting to a tourist train to keep them on track, that venture went off the rails when the media and the union got involved.

But Ccino knew that most entrepreneurs had failed when they started out – the successful ones had all learnt from their failed business ventures and made a lot of money. So he set out the lessons he had learnt:

  • Keep B & H away from having to deal with people
  • Make the job as uncomplicated and easy as possible
  • B & H will “work” best if they think the job is fun
  • Don’t try and constrain or control B & H – it’s just not possible.

Mowing service_for saleSo one day when we were out in the country and Ccino saw a ride on mower for sale, he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

”I’ve got it! I’m going to set up a mowing service. Bobby and Hephie can mow big, open paddocks. They love driving, they don’t even have to go in straight lines on a mower, and best of all, they won’t have to talk to anyone and keep customers happy.

This time, Ccino wasn’t going to take any risks. “I will do all the business development and customer relations, grot girl can help me with my marketing brochures and the accounts, and grot boy can service and fix the mower.”

Hephie was delighted, “We can drive up and down and round in circles all day. We’ll be outside in the open air – it’ll be just like the African plains where I come from. It’s much better than driving the car around the car park like we usually do.

Mowing serviceBobby didn’t say anything and sat quietly looking closely at his feet, which is what he always does when he is confused or unsure about a situation. Ccino realised immediately what was concerning Bobby and reassured him, “There’ll be lots of yummy snacks on these jobs. Country people are very hospitable and like to bake so I’m sure you’ll be given cakes and biscuits all day long.”

This time, Ccino had a successful business model although there was a minor setback in the first few weeks when he forgot to tell his client not to leave the chickens in the paddock being mowed.

After the farmer complained that the chickens didn’t lay any eggs for a couple of days following Bobby and Hephie’s services, Ccino added another lesson to his list for future business ventures:

“No animals.”


©, 2014


What to do on a rainy day

It was a cold, wet, rainy and windy Sunday and there was unanimous agreement in the Grot family household – we were absolutely, definitely, no way going for a bike ride.

Having all very easily and quickly agreed what we were NOT going to do, agreeing on an alternative activity for our regular day of fun together was not nearly so easy.

Hephie wanted to go to the zoo and visit all his animal friends from DDA (deepest darkest Africa). When grot boy reminded him that it really wasn’t good zoo-visiting weather, Hephie was not deterred. “But that means we’ll have the animals all to ourselves. And besides, they might get lonely if no one visits them so we should go and keep them company,” he tried to convince us all.

Hot chocolate Vincentia-BobbyBobby suggested that we go to our favourite café. “We could have a nice hot chocolate, or two, or three, or lots, and then we’d all be warm and cosy,” he explained. “And maybe if we had a piece of hot honey and date pudding as well, then we wouldn’t get hungry.”

Dwight was not at all pleased by Bobby’s proposal. “Bobby I’m on a diet. I don’t want to eat lots of cake and chocolate and become all fat and squishy like you,” she objected.

I was expecting Ccino to suggest we all go to a bar and drink all afternoon, or perhaps to one of his favourite loud, scary movies, so I was surprised when he suggested we go to the art gallery.

“That would be nice,” grot boy encouraged Ccino’s interest in culture. “We can go and study the old Australian paintings by Streeton and Roberts and McCubbin.”

Surrealism _Ccino“No, no!” said Ccino. I’m not interested in all that old stuff. I want to go to the modern art gallery with the enormous long escalator and race everyone up and down the moving stairs,” he told grot boy.

“Then we can look at those crazy modern paintings and I can get some ideas for my graffiti,” he added.

©, 2014