Bobby learns a lesson

After his accident in the kitchen, Bobby explained what went wrong. “The problem wasn’t the heat and hard work. I didn’t mind being a little bit hot and bothered.” *

Besides, I learnt that when you melt the butter and chocolate in the frying pan it’s very yummy, but the taste is ruined if you get too close to the stove. The smell of my singed furrr ruined everything.”**

“The problem was when I tried to make a nice apple pie and decorate the chocolate cake at the same time***. I don’t have any fingers, which makes it awfully difficult, and then I got all confused when everyone tried to help me.”****

I think I should just try everything once or twice, or maybe thrice, to decide what tastes best.*****

It would seem that Bobby is better at mixing up sayings than mixing mayonnaise.

Cooking_pots and pans_Bobby

What he meant to say was:

*           It wasn’t that I couldn’t stand the heat and had to get out of the kitchen.

**         And I didn’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

***        Besides, I couldn’t have too many fingers in the pie because I’m all thumbs – or paws, at least.

****       And too many cooks spoiled the icing and I thought there wouldn’t be any left for me.

*****     But it was all quite good fun and I learnt that the proof of the pudding is making sure you eat it all.

©, 2014


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