Expanding the family?

We were on the way to the beach for a picnic and the teddies were playing on the back seat of the car chattering, playing games and carrying on in their usual noisy fashion when they’re excited.

Swing_Hephie CcinoWe assumed that all the fuss was about the forthcoming picnic – Ccino telling everyone what games he wanted them to play and how high he could go on the swing, Bobby pondering what we would all have to eat and Hephie wondering if he’d meet some new friends.

So when Hephie’s voice rose above the hubbub and announced, “We think grot boy and grot girl should get a new baby bear,” we were shocked and surprised. We hadn’t expected to face this pressure from our little teddy bear family.

Hephie’s disclosure was followed by loud squeals and giggles from the other teddies, while Dwight admonished him, “Shhhh, Hephie, you weren’t supposed to say anything. That’s soooo embarrassing.”

But now the secret was out, the others spoke up. First, Ccino declared, “I’m not a baby bear any more. I’m all grown up. But you keep calling me the baby in the family so you should get a new baby bear.”

Then Bobby hummed and haaed, “Baby bears eat funny food and he probably wouldn’t like chocolate so then I could help out and eat his share.”

Hephie was thrilled with the idea of having a new friend and yet another play mate while

Pieta_cutDwight didn’t want to be left out. Now the secret was out, she happily joined in the conversation, “A cute little baby bear would be fun. I’m sure it would be a girl bear and I’d be able to make her nice outfits and play dress ups with her.”

Grot boy and I exchanged looks as the teddies continued to organise our lives, with me indicating with a quizzical look, “What do we say? How can we respond to the teddies’ enthusiastic suggestion?”

Grot boy smiled back at me then asked the teddies,

“Who will look after the baby bear during the day?

Who is going to change its pooey nappy?

Who is going to get up in the middle of the night when it cries?

And who is going to stay at home and baby sit when grot girl and I go out to dinner?”

His questions were met with a chorus of:

“Not me”


“How gross”

“I’m not baby sitting”

That was the end of all talk about new baby bears.


© teddybearlife.com, 2014


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