Living sculptures

It’s the time of the year for one of the teddies favourite outings – Sculpture by the Sea – and they’re anxious that we’ll miss the event.

Sbysea_Dwight in window frameDwight loves Sculpture by the Sea and has been asking over and over again, “Has it started yet? Can we go today?”

“Only the most sophisticated and chic teddies go to art shows,” she reminded us. “I hope they have a small, elegant sculpture with just the right aspect for grot boy to take some new flattering shots for my portfolio, like they did last year.” After a moment’s pause she added, “Of course I’ll allow others to take photos of me too – there are lots of international visitors and I could become famous all around the world.”

Grot boy and I have been delaying our visit as it always manages to be an occasion for mischief and strife. “What would go wrong this year? Who would get into trouble this time? What opportunities for disaster will face us?” we asked, trying to prepare for the worst.

SbyS dominoesLast year, Bobby and Dwight had raced off to play a game of dominoes they’d spied and before we could catch them the whole pack came tumbling down. While grot boy was concerned about the teddies and rushed to save them from being squashed, my urge was to disown them and run away in the opposite direction.

The year of the Trojan horse we made the mistake of visiting the event in the evening, thinking that the moonlight and city lights would make it a more romantic, and safer, time to visit. But the teddies took advantage of grot boy’s and my distraction to play a game of hide and seek. I was the first to notice an unusual silence. “Where is Ccino? Where is Hephie? ‘Peaceful’ quiet always means trouble,” I reminded him.

Sbysea_Trojan horseFortunately, grot boy remembered the horse sculpture and that Ccino had listened very attentively to his story about Troy and how the Greeks had won the war. He immediately suspected this was where we’d find them and reached the Trojan horse just in time to see Bobby and Dwight disappearing up the ladder. Ccino and Hephie were inside and we could hear them giggling and shouting encouragement, “Hurry up, quick, come on before GB and GG find us.”

But none of these mishaps were as bad as the time grot boy and I got into trouble for stealing part of a sculpture. No-one had been around when we carefully sat the teddies on a field of mushrooms for a photo, but then a child spotted them. His cries of “Look! There’s a “living” sculpture. Aren’t they gorgeous?” brought a crowd of visitors.

SbyS mushroomsWe waited and waited while people took photos, proud that so many others found our teddies attractive. But after some time, we had to leave and carefully removed the teddies from their mushroom perches. Now the shouts came from the adults, “Stop! Thief! Hooligans!” We found ourselves surrounded by big burly security guards and it took us hours and hours to convince them to let us go, with our teddies.

Now we’re off to find out what excitement this year’s event will bring.

©, 2014


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