Sun dried teddies

Grubs_Ccino_SbyseaWhen even grot boy started to notice that the bears were smelly, I knew we couldn’t put off giving them their annual bath any longer. I had been calling them “my little grubs” for over a month, but we realised that there are only so many baths and spins in the washer that a bear can bare in his life.

Dwight was delighted. “It’s undignified being smelly and dirty. After my bath I want to go to the hairdresser and have my fur all fluffed up. Then I think I should dress up and go out somewhere special so everyone can admire me,” she informed us.

While Ccino didn’t mind being stinky, he also loved the bath. “It’s awesome in the spinner,” he told us. “It’s just like the mosh pit at a rock concert.”

cloths line-bearsIt was a great day for drying – hot and sunny – so we hung the bears on the clothesline and went inside for lunch. We could hear them talking  and thought they were playing their favourite game “I spy” but gradually their voices grew louder. They didn’t sound happy and I became concerned the neighbours would be upset by the noise, or think we were mistreating the teddies. So grot boy went outside to find out what was going on.

“It’s too hot,” complained Dwight. “I don’t want to get sun burnt.”

“I don’t mind the heat, “ Hephie said “It’s like being in DDA (deepest darkest Africa) but Ccino said the birds in the trees would poo on us.”

“I think I’m melting in the sun,“ Bobby added, and since he’s a chocolate eating honey bear grot boy agreed he might be right.

drying rack-bears“I know, we’ll give you sunglasses to wear, that way it won’t seem quite so bright and hot,” I suggested as I joined them all at the clothesline.

Before they could decide whether this was a satisfactory solution I had found four sets of sunglasses and grot boy and I quickly retreated inside, away from the blasting sun.

For a while we could hear the teddies talking about how cool they were in their glasses. “People will think I’m a famous movie star,” we heard Dwight tell the others. “No-one will recognise me, I’m sure,” added Hephie while Bobby asked, “Can you see me? I don’t seem to be able to see anything.”

After a short time the grumbling about the heat started again but by then they were dry and bath time was over for another year.

©, 2014


Hephie’s disappearing trick

On our annual springtime visit to the zoo to see the latest baby animals, Hephie was more interested in the big, old elephant who was doing circus tricks than the cute baby chimpanzees clinging onto their mothers.

Circus_CcinoSo when we passed a big circus tent one day on our bike ride, he pleaded, “Please, can we go to the circus? I want to see the elephant doing tricks. Maybe he could teach me special hephalump tricks too.”

Ccino pestered us too, “I want to see the lions up very, very close. I’m not scared. I’ll just roar at them and they’ll think I’m a lion too.”

Grot boy and I were not keen to support a circus with animals – they always look so unhappy and unloved – so we persuaded the teddies that a circus without live animals would be much more fun. “There’ll be clowns and magicians and acrobats and dancers with music and lots of tricks too,” grot boy explained.

Hephie and Ccino love magic tricks, and Dwight was excited by the dancers and acrobats. “They all have such beautiful costumes. I’d like to be a dancer in a circus and wear a pretty, bright costume. I’d swing on the trapeze so my skirts swirled around me and everyone would clap,” she enthused.

So that’s how we made the big mistake of teaching Hephie magic disappearing tricks.

At first he just made Bobby’s chocolate disappear. That was easy and Bobby didn’t mind too much. “Where is my other piece of chocolate?” he would ask. “I’m sure I had a second piece just waiting to be eaten.”

Hephie would start to giggle and laugh and, pleased with his little trick, would immediately show Bobby where the chocolate was hiding under his plate.

He then tried hiding grot boy’s phone. That was easy too, as grot boy would leave it lying around, never quite sure where he last put it, and all Hephie had to do was cover it up with the newspaper on the table. But grot boy would find it just as easily by ringing himself from my phone.

Elephants and HephieI thought Hephie’s tricks were a lot of fun and used to encourage him. “You are such a clever little hephalump,” I’d tell him. “You can do special hephalump tricks just like the big grey elephant we saw at the zoo.”

But then he decided to trick me!

Grot boy dropped me off at the gym one morning before he went to work, taking Hephie and Bobby with him. When I arrived back home, I searched every pocket of my gym bag but couldn’t find my door keys. I turned the bag upside down and gave it a big shake –lots of stuff fell out but no keys.

Just as I sat down on the doorstep, wondering what to do next, I noticed grot boy pull up and get out of his car followed by Hephie dangling my keys from his trunk and looking very guilty.

“That’s the end of magic disappearing tricks,” grot boy and I agreed.

©, 2014