The horse race

It’s horse racing carnival time in Australia and the teddies have decided to organise their own event. The Melbourne Cup, which is on today, is known as the race that “stops the nation” and everyone is talking about the parties they’re attending.

Grot boy and I weren’t surprised when the teddies told us they were organising a special celebration for our family and friends. Bobby loves any occasion that involves lots of food while Dwight was delighted by the opportunity to dress up and hold a fashion parade.

Horse_HephieBut we were very surprised when we arrived home for the party to discover the teddies “saddling up” for their own race. “What is going on?” I asked when we walked in the door and saw the menagerie of animals.

Hephie, thinking I had forgotten about the party, reminded me, “It’s our Melbourne Cup party. You can’t have a race day party without a race. Have you brought your ride, because I don’t think we have any spare ‘horses’?

Bobby added, “Hephie said it was cruel to ride real horses so we all had to find our own special mounts to ride.”

flying pig DwightBut Dwight wasn’t happy with hers, “I know it has wings, but it needs a new coat of paint. Besides, the colours will clash with my silks.”

Ccino had insisted on organising a sweepstake. “You can’t have a race without money,” he told everyone. So Ted 2 decided he should get involved to keep the system fair. “Ccino cannot be trusted,” he declared. “Besides, you can’t be in the race and managing the betting at the same time. You can go to gaol for that!”

Grot boy offered to be a race judge to avoid having to participate and exert himself while I offered to call the race, deciding it would be safer on the sidelines.

The teddies lined up at the starting line. “Ready! Set! Go!” I called and off they went, clanging and clattering and thumping down the corridor, falling in a jumbled heap at the finishing line (otherwise known as the front door).

As the noise subsided, we could hear Ccino arguing with Ted 2.

Horse_Ccino“I won the race so the money is all mine,” he demanded while Ted 2, just as adamant, explained, “Teddy won the sweepstake because he drew your horse.”

“But that’s not fair,” Ccino responded. “I had to run the race.”

“It’s the rules of the sweepstake, the money’s Teddy’s” Ted 2 insisted.

Realising that this clash between Ted 2 and Ccino could go on all afternoon, grot boy suggested a compromise. “Why don’t we split the money between the two of you?” he proposed.

And as Ccino and Ted 2 paused to consider their positions on this solution, Bobby saved the situation. “I think there’s a nice big chocolate cake for the party,” he muttered, then added “And I’m sure there was some champagne too.”

Thank you Bobby!

©, 2014


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