Summer holidays

It’s summer in Sydney and the schools have closed for the year, businesses are closing for their Christmas break and everyone is on holiday.

So grot boy and I shouldn’t have been surprised when the teddies insisted that they be able to have a holiday too.

“It’s the time of the year to eat lots and laze around napping,” Bobby told us. “I think I’ve done quite enough work for the year.”

Dwight dressed upDwight, Hephie and Ccino all agreed. “It’s party time – we don’t have time to write the blog because we have parties to attend,” they explained.

Dwight loves parties. “I can dress up every night in a different summer frock and wear my best jewellery and favourite spangly sandals,” she told us. “I hope I win the prize for the best dressed bear at the summer ball.”

“I love parties,” Hephie added. “I can make lots and lots of new friends and we all have heaps of fun together.”

“The best thing about parties is the grog,” Ccino said. “There are all sorts of different drinks and no-one notices if I have a sip (or two or three) from their glass,” he admitted.

Beach“Food, parties, napping! That sounds like a good idea,” grot boy said. Then he asked me “Don’t you think we should have a summer holiday? We can all go to the beach, the teddies can build sand castles while I have a nap in the sun.”

“Oh! Alright!” I pretended to reluctantly agree while secretly being pleased.

“Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ to all our friends who have liked our adventures during the year,” the teddies chorused, before signing off for their summer holiday.

©, 2014


Bobby’s relatives

Paddington Bear_BobbyEvery since the movie opened, people have been asking Bobby, “Are you a relative of Paddington Bear? You look just like him, is he your cousin?”

The questions have confounded Bobby. “What is a ‘relative’? Who is Paddington? Will he be coming to stay? Does he like chocolate? Do I have cousins?” he asked us.

Grot boy and I have always thought Bobby and Paddington might have some relatives in common. It isn’t so much that they look alike, it’s more that Bobby also manages to segue out of confusing situations without quite noticing the consternation of others. And then there’s their shared affinity with cakes and sticky sweet substances.

Grot boy told Bobby, “Relatives are your family, you’re all linked together through your DNA, a bit like a chain, and so relatives often look similar to each other.”

This explanation only caused more bewilderment and confusion among the teddies. “Relatives must be really bad if they’re all chained up like convicts,” Ccino concluded.

While Dwight declared, “Bobby is definitely not MY relative: we don’t look at all alike. He’s brown and fat and saggy, not a bit like me.”

Relatives_Hephie vs teddiesHephie didn’t say anything but stared closely at Bobby, then Dwight, then Ccino, then Teddy, Ted 2 and Buddha Bear. Finally he turned to grot boy and me. “I don’t look like any of you so I suppose I’m not a relative. Does that mean I don’t belong here?” he asked with a little sob.

I tried to comfort Hephie and elaborated, “Relatives are family and sometimes we have to create our own families. Hephie, you are a very special, chosen member of our family. In fact, every one of you was carefully chosen to be part of the grot family.”

But Hephie still wasn’t completely convinced. “If I was chosen, then can’t I just be ‘unchosen’ if you don’t want me anymore?” he asked.

I didn’t know what to say – there was an inherent logic in Hephie’s question that I couldn’t disagree with. Fortunately, grot boy has a more flexible view of logic and is an aficionado of epigenetics. He reassured Hephie, “Because we all became part of our own family, now we’re related and so it can’t be ‘undone’. None of us can be unchosen, even when grot girl sometimes gets cranky with us.”

With this issue now satisfactorily resolved, the teddies were keen to investigate their heritage and discover other relatives.

“We should go to Peru, That’s where Paddington came from so maybe Bobby has relatives there too,” they agreed. And so now we’re planning a holiday to Peru to find Bobby’s long lost relatives.

©, 2014