Let’s get a pet

Ccino has been asking over and over again for days now if he can get a pet. “All my friends have pets – they’ve got mice and guinea pigs and fish and tortoises they can play with and I don’t have anything,” he’s been complaining.

Mice_CcinoI was concerned that his friends were more likely to be persecuting, rather than playing with, their pets, particularly since Ccino told me about Joe’s pet boa constrictor. “He feeds it mice and bunny rabbits, it’s really cool. I’ve watched them swallowing – you can see the lump go down very, very slowly and wiggly,” he told us.

“Where does Joe get the mice and rabbits?” I wanted to know. “Mostly they’re his brother’s pets,” Ccino explained. “But Joe charges us a fee to watch his boa eating and then he goes to the pet shop to buy extra food for it,” he added.

I wasn’t sure whether to be more sorry for the boa constrictor that was being force fed like a goose to entertain little teddy bears or the animals who suffered in the process.

After a few days of pestering me while I remained resolute, Ccino tried to convince grot boy that a pet would be good for all of us. “You know the research shows that pets make you much more peaceful and happy? Don’t you think grot girl would be calmer if we had a pet?” he suggested, knowing exactly how to appeal to Mr Grot.

Cats_DwightSo off to the pet shop we all went, debating the pros and cons of different pets. Grot boy and I agreed it was to be a family decision, since we all had to live with the chosen pet, and the arguments became very heated.

At the pet shop, Dwight insisted that the kittens were the most beautiful, until one put out its claws and scratched her.

Fish tank_Hephie

Hephie thought the fish were pretty colours and fun to watch – but only for a short while. Then he asked, “Do they just swim around in circles all day? Why won’t they come out and play with me?”

Bobby was surprised and disappointed by the puppies. “How come they have wrinkles and look so old?” he wanted to know before Ccino added, “They’re just like grot boy and grot girl. They wouldn’t be any fun.”


Ccino had a tantrum when he found out they didn’t have any snakes – no boa constrictors, no snakes at all. “I wanted a boa just like Joe,” he cried.

And so, not being able to reach agreement after arguing and debating until the shop had to close, we came back home petless. While all the others moped and complained I said nothing, trying not to show how happy I was at the outcome.

© teddybearlife.com, 2014


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