About Lucie


Lucie (grot girl) is responsible for compiling the stories in this blog. After more than 30 years in corporate life, she is pleased to finally ditch her serious persona and the impersonal world of business to talk about what really matters – teddy bears.

Lucie started her work life as a statistician but ended it as a communications and marketing executive. She has spent years writing about subjects that most people find tedious – statistics, insurance, superannuation and pharmaceuticals. If her blog starts to sound like a corporate brochure, she begs your forgiveness and asks you to let her know.


6 thoughts on “About Lucie

  1. Maybe I should start a teddy bear matching service! But in the meantime, find out where teddy bears hang out near you. Teddy bears choose their owners so you then just have to wait until one decides you’re right for him or her.

  2. tell us of the teddie’s adventures in Ethiopia…were they ever the same after… and who’s this Lucy who has popped up…..sylvia

    • The bears have a lot more adventures before they get to DDA (deepest darkest Africa). You’ll just have to be patient and follow their journey.

  3. Lovely to meet you today in your impromptu picnic on the verge.
    Perhaps next year you will come in for a cup of tea.
    Photo of the Bears sitting peacefully was perfect.

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