The bears go boating

Grot boy and I had been reading the teddies a chapter a night from The Wind in the Willows, one of our favourite books as children. Bobby had a surprising fascination with toad. “He’s very adventurous and mischievous,” he told me. Hephie and I like to go driving just like toad, but we would never steal a car. We only take grot boy’s old beat up car.”

Dwight thought toad was a very handsome character, “He dresses very smartly – quite a fashionable character for his time,” she told us. “Why can’t Bobby be more like toad?”

Boats and bearsBut all the teddies thought the most fun parts of the story were Rat and Mole mucking around in boats. So we weren’t at all surprised when one evening the teddies announced after their bedtime story, “We’ve decided! We all want to go boating, just like in The Wind in the Willows.”

Grot boy thought that seemed a nice idea. “What an excellent suggestion. We can all go on a family outing together where we all enjoy the same activity,” he agreed innocently.

But it turned out to be not quite so simple. We shouldn’t have been surprised when the teddies each proposed a very different vision of a boating expedition and what we would do.

Ccino wanted to go out in a little rowing boat. “Then I can bounce around and rock the boat backwards and forwards so it’s really scary and everyone thinks they’re going to fall in the water. That would be lots and lots of fun,” he exclaimed.

Ted 2 declared, “We should go fishing in the boat. Then we can be practical and catch dinner for grot boy and grot girl. We shouldn’t waste our time just having fun.”

But Buddha Bear was most unhappy with this suggestion. “I don’t think we should kill poor innocent fish. Boating is an opportunity to experience nature and appreciate the here and now, not destroy other creatures,” he explained.

For Dwight, boating meant dressing up in a beautiful, diaphanous poolside costume, lying under a parasol and sipping a brightly coloured, glamorous drink

Teddy thought that sitting quietly in a boat, reading in the sun, was a pleasant idea but was worried about Hephie, “Are you sure that we can get a boat big enough so Hephie won’t make it sink?” he asked

Bobby, as was often the case, was the easiest to please. “I think if we just take a nice, big picnic lunch we’ll all have a wonderful time,” he told us.

boating=canal=FranceWhile everyone else was debating their boating preferences, grot boy was trying to think of a solution that would make us all happy. “Why don’t we go on a boat cruise down the canals of France?” he asked. “There’ll be lots of room for Ccino to run around, with plenty of nooks and crannies for Ccino and Hephie to hides in, we can stop in quaint country towns for Dwight to go shopping, and there’ll be plenty of yummy French food for all of us.”

The screams of delight from all the teddies, and me, showed grot boy he’d found the ideal solution.

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Grot girl’s accident

accident-hand-Hephie“We’ll all have to help with the blog this week,” Ted 2 instructed the other teddies. “Grot girl can’t write or type because of her broken finger.”

“First, we have to decide what story we’re going to tell – we’ve had so many adventures it’s hard to choose. But maybe we should tell everyone about the accident,” he suggested.

Buddha Bear was no help, “It’s karma and what will be will be,” he said and resumed meditating.

Grandpa Teddy was so upset he wasn’t much help either. “Grot girl has never got sick and injured in all the years we’ve been together. Who will look after us when we get old if she can’t?” he asked and it looked like there were tears in his eyes.

“Get off the computer Ted 2, it’s my turn to type,” Ccino interjected. “I’ve got the smallest fingers so I’ll be abbblllee tto tyoe the bwst.”

Hephie said he wanted to find the naughty dog who’d made grot girl fall off her bike. “If he hadn’t wandered onto the path then grot girl wouldn’t have fallen off and hurt herself. He was a little dog with black spots – I’m sure I’d recognise him if I saw him again. And if we find him, I’m going to stomp on him for being a naughty dog.”

Bobby looked worried, “If grot girl can’t type, does that mean she won’t be able to cook for us too?” he wanted to know.

“Bobby, all you ever think of is your tummy,” Dwight chastised him. “This is a family disaster – grot girl has a broken finger and we all have to help.”

“Come on everyone, we’re supposed to be writing a story,” Ted 2 reminded them. A story has a beginning, a middle and an end, and something has to happen.”

They all stared at the blank computer screen, quiet for just a moment.

“I know, why don’t we ask grot boy to write this week’s story,” Dwight suggested.

“That’s the stupidest idea ever,” Ccino responded. “Have you ever seen grot boy write? He can’t even write properly.”

Somehow, listening to the teddies argue and debate what to do, and how to cope without my assistance made me feel a lot better, and a little more appreciated.

P.S Due to this unfortunate, unforeseen event, the teddies’ blog will not be appearing quite so frequently in forthcoming weeks.

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