Billy welcomes Bobby into the family

CIMG0351Bringing home a new teddy bear as a friend for Billy had all sorts of consequences we hadn’t considered.

“Who’s this?” Billy demanded to know as soon as we walked in the door with Bobby. “Will he be staying here? Where will he sleep? Does he know how to go bike riding? Don’t forget I’m the number one bear,” Billy blurted out in quick succession.

I told Billy we had got him a friend to play with while grot boy and I were at work.  “Well, he’ll have to play my games and do what I say,” Billy decreed

Bobby had sat quite still making little humming and haahing noises as Billy was talking. When Billy finally quietened down Bobby pondered “I wonder if there is a little chocolate or honey somewhere about, I think a little chocolate would be nice.”

Unfortunately, this set Billy off again “Is that all he does, eat chocolate. I want some too.” To calm things down, I gave everyone a small piece of chocolate – carefully giving the first piece to Billy, then a piece for Bobby, and a piece for grot boy. I had a little piece too, hoping the endorphins in it would be calming for everyone.

While we were eating our chocolate, grot boy thankfully suggested the next distraction “Let’s all go for a bike ride”.

We headed off on our ride with Billy on my bike and Bobby on grot boy’s. I could hear Billy instructing Bobby on what to do, “You have to be a coach. You’re supposed to tell grot boy to pedal harder. When you go down hills make lots of noise so he goes faster”.

But grot boy and Bobby quietly plodded along while Billy and I raced up the hill. For once I thought it wasn’t such a bad idea to pull ahead – I didn’t know how much longer Bobby could tolerate Billy’s bossiness.

Over dinner that night we all talked about our ride – how far we’d gone, how steep the hills had been, where I’d nearly fallen off, the car that came too close. It seemed like Billy had accepted Bobby into the family until he asked, “ I’m still the number one bear aren’t I?”

“Yes, Billy” I explained “you’re the number one, number one bear and Bobby can be the number one, number two bear.” Everyone seemed to be happy with this solution.

©, 2013