There’s a hole in our bucket

Bucket in poolThere’s a hole in our bucket said the teddies, the teddies
There’s a hole in our bucket, said the teddies a hole

We’re sinking said Hephie, said Hephie
We’re sinking said Hephie and we’re all getting wet

My fur will get soggy said Dwight, said Dwight
Oh dear! said Dwight, I’ll look all a mess

Drowning Bobby and CcinoI can’t swim, please save me squealed Ccino, squealed Ccino
I can’t swim squealed Ccino and I’m too young to drown

It’s time for elevenses said Bobby, said Bobby
It’s time for elevenses said Bobby, let’s eat

So help them dear cried GG*, cried GG
Save them cried GG, pushing GB* in the pool

* Grot girl and grot boy

©, 2015


The holiday is over

Banana loungeI knew it would be hard to convince the teddies that the holiday had to come to an end and we all needed to return to work. After a couple of weeks lazing around on the banana lounge, napping, snacking and enjoying the advantages of staying in a holiday house (not having to do housework chores!) they were very reluctant to come home.

I decided that Ccino was the most likely to be persuaded so I started my campaign with him. “If we don’t get back to work having adventures and writing our stories for the blog, our business venture will fail,” I tried to persuade him.

“I don’t care. We don’t earn any monies from the blog anyway,” he responded with a nonchalant toss of his little head.

Maybe Hephie would be more compliant – he’s always eager to please everyone. “Hephie, wouldn’t you like to help me write a story?” I pleaded. But he wasn’t convinced. “I don’t think hephalumps in DDA* go to work. Baby hephalumps play ALLLLL the time in DDA,” he added.

Next, I tried to appeal to Dwight’s desire to be in the limelight. “You could dress up in one of your best outfits and we could ask grot boy to take your photo for a story,” I suggested. But once again she wasn’t interested. “I have to perfect my suntan before you take any more photos of me, “ she offered as her excuse.

I was struggling to think of any more persuasive arguments when I had one last idea to tempt the teddies back to work.

“I know! Let’s have an end-of-holiday party,” I proposed. “We can have a special gelato cake to celebrate the conclusion of our wonderful summer holiday.”

Gelato cakeBobby suddenly awoke when he heard the words “gelato” and “cake”, his two favourite foods. He had been sleeping, or possibly pretending to sleep, as I’d tried to persuade the other teddies to get back to work.

“That is a very, very good idea. I think we should all have a nice party,” he told the others.

“Don’t forget, after the party we all have to go back to work,” I reminded them. But I’m not sure they heard me as they noisily argued about what type of cake to get.

Now I’ve finally persuaded the teddies to get back on the job, I have to find a way to convince grot boy that the summer holiday has come to an end. There are chores to be done, money to be earned and more holidays to be planned!

*Deepest, darkest Africa

©, 2015