There’s a hole in our bucket

Bucket in poolThere’s a hole in our bucket said the teddies, the teddies
There’s a hole in our bucket, said the teddies a hole

We’re sinking said Hephie, said Hephie
We’re sinking said Hephie and we’re all getting wet

My fur will get soggy said Dwight, said Dwight
Oh dear! said Dwight, I’ll look all a mess

Drowning Bobby and CcinoI can’t swim, please save me squealed Ccino, squealed Ccino
I can’t swim squealed Ccino and I’m too young to drown

It’s time for elevenses said Bobby, said Bobby
It’s time for elevenses said Bobby, let’s eat

So help them dear cried GG*, cried GG
Save them cried GG, pushing GB* in the pool

* Grot girl and grot boy

©, 2015